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May 15 & 16

Get a Grip-Join Life

Good Bogey, Bad Bogey

A+ Parenting

Why Eleventh Mountain?

At the age of ten I climbed Eleventh Mountain for the first time alone. My parents had constantly encouraged me to become independent, both by word and action. My father had guided our family on the first ascent, and I could not resist the urge to do it alone. I remember rationalizing it was not disobeying as long as I never asked permission. It was just another adventure.

  • beginning the ascent up the mountain was scary
  • the halfway section involved serious bushwhacking
  • reaching the summit was always exciting

I climbed it often enough to make it a tradition, sometimes with friends, but often alone.

My special place was a moss-covered rock on the summit with a never ending view.

  • a crackling fire created warmthComfort Bringing Campfire
  • the tin cup of hot cocoa revived my body
  • cumulus clouds morphing triggered my imagination
  • relaxed solitude provided time to think

Eleventh Mountain became my safe and friendly place.

  • I learned being alone with my thoughts was okay
  • traditional thinking gave way to uncriticized imaginings
  • my fear of criticism by others evaporated to nothing
  • courage to explore interesting ideas fueled my passsion

Mountain tops will do that for you!

My parents initiated freedom to be independent.
Mr. Jordan encouraged me to write. (but that’s another story)
Eleventh mountain gave me the peace to be myself.

Join me on the trip.

Approaching the peak of a teaching career too enjoyable to be called a job, I am enthused by climbing a new mountain of building an Internet business, enjoying the view of sending ideas into the electronic universe and and anticipating the view from a new summit.
Have you ever said, “I should write a book?”
And deep in your heart you hold quietly to that goal?

It is time to Get Off Your Buts…

There can be a constantly flowing stream of excuses.

I should write a book, but…

“I don’t have enough time…
“People wouldn’t read it anyway…
“What I think isn’t important…
“I don’t know how to do it…

Now is the time to put procrastination behind and get on with the writing and publishing of your ebook.

Solid ideas for teens

who want more from

life than texting

and justhanging out.